Global Encryption Controls

Global Economies in Turmoil. Russia Joining the WTO. US Export Reform on the Horizon. Now is the Time to Strengthen Your Encryption Compliance Efforts to Ensure Future Growth of Your Exports

Wednesday, April 18 to Thursday, April 19, 2012
Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront, San Francisco, CA

How this conference differs from other events: American Conference Institute’s 3rd Advanced Summit on Global Encryption Controls is an industry-led program that will provide an optimal benchmarking opportunity for companies on how to reduce new, complex and emerging compliance risks worldwide. Don’t miss this opportunity to obtain critical information that is not available in print or on the web. Network and learn from export counsel and compliance officers experienced in navigating foreign encryption control regulations, in key jurisdictions, including China, Asia and Europe.

Countries such as China, Russia, India, France, Ireland, the UK and Canada are all developing comprehensive laws on the import and export of encryption items – requiring specific licenses or authorizations to import, use and export items with encryption technology.

The Wassenaar Arrangement and other international agreements such as the Trans Pacific Partnership, are becoming more influential as countries seek to work together on developing a comprehensive set of encryption regulations. Knowing each country’s specific laws is essential for companies that do business on a global scale.

As the global landscape is changing dramatically each year, export compliance professionals must understand both foreign and U.S. encryption regulations. More and more, companies are using encryption items to protect the integrity of their information. In addition, more employees are traveling internationally, bringing up the challenge of remaining compliant with import laws as they enter each country.

The need for a comprehensive compliance program that incorporates all regulations and policy developments is necessary to prevent severe monetary fines, loss of import/export privileges and criminal penalties.

Key topics will include:

  • How international agreements affect the import and export of cryptography
  • Obtaining export permits from the SEMB in China
  • Preventing steep fines for export violations in Malaysia and Hong Kong
  • How to handle technology transfers through cloud computing without violating encryption regulations around the globe
  • Russia’s recent joining of the WTO, the U.S.-Russia 2006 Bilateral Agreement and what this means for your export compliance program
  • How to use Ireland and the Netherlands as key software and hardware EU distribution centers
  • Complying with Israeli encryption registration and distribution requirements to prevent strict penalties and license revocation
  • Complying with Canadian and Mexican export controls to prevent business losses and delays

Also, benefit from interactive pre-summit working groups:
April 17, 2012

Group A: When and How to Obtain an ERN, Apply License Exception ENC, and Self-Classify: A Practical Guide to What Every Export Controls Professional Needs to Know

Group B: Employee Travel with Encryption Controlled-Items: Preventing Unauthorized Access and Setting up Internal Compliance Procedures for International Travel

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