American Conference Institute/The Canadian Institute’s 2nd Industry Forum on

U.S. Export & Re-Export Compliance for Canadian Operations

Wednesday, January 23 to Thursday, January 24, 2013
The Westin Bristol Place Toronto Airport, Toronto, ON

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Back in Toronto by popular demand, American Conference Institute/The Canadian Institute’s 2nd Industry Forum on “U.S. Export & Re-Export Compliance for Canadian Operations” is the only comprehensive, practical event in Canada that will allow you to network and hear from senior U.S. and Canadian government and industry professionals from the high technology, aerospace, defense, satellite, space and other industries.

Amid the recent $75 million penalty against Pratt & Whitney Canada, its parent company and additional subsidiary for U.S. export violations, there has never been a more pressing time to ensure that you are fully incorporating U.S. export controls, sanctions and Canadian export, human rights and privacy law requirements into a successful trade compliance program.

This is the only comprehensive event of its kind that will delve into export control reform, U.S. enforcement priorities, and the interaction between U.S. and Canadian export/re-export controls, privacy, human rights and security requirements.

The 2013 agenda will be fully updated, with a view to providing attendees with best practices that they can apply to their work after the event. New topics for 2013 will include:
  • Status Report on U.S. Export Control Reform, the Transition Plan and the impact on Canadian Industry

  • The Costliest U.S. Re-Export/Re-Transfer Compliance Errors by Canadian Firms:  Lessons Learned for Applying Key Requirements and Exceptions to the Rules

  • Engineering Discussions and Technical Assistance: Monitoring Engineers’ Compliance with EAR License Conditions and TAAs to Prevent Defence Services Export Violations

  • Protecting EAR and ITAR-Controlled Data on Servers, Laptops, Emails, Mobile Devices and Cloud Networks: Reducing New, Emerging Foreign National Access and Cyber Security Risks

  • Screening and Hiring Foreign, Dual and Third Country Nationals amid Increased Privacy Law  Challenges: How Large and Smaller Companies are Successfully Implementing the New Security Assessment Process

  • The Pratt & Whitney Canada Settlement and Other Key U.S. Export Cases: What They Reveal about New Penalty Risks and Compliance Requirements for Large and Smaller Canadian Companies

  • Key ITAR Licensing Exemptions for Canadian Businesses: How They Apply to Your  Manufacturing, Procurement, Business Development and Export Activities

  • Achieving an Effective U.S. Export Compliance Program in Canada: Coordinating Policies, Manuals and Procedures with Foreign Parents, Subsidiaries and Affiliates across the Globe

  • IRAN, SYRIA, BURMA & CUBA SANCTIONS - How New U.S. and Canadian Restrictions Affect the Defense, Technology, Petroleum and Other Industries in Canada

A special early bird rate is available for a limited time. This unique event is expected to sell out again this year!  Register now by calling 1-888-224-2480 from within the US or 1-416-926-8200 from within Canada.