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Date Mar 24 - 25, 2015
Location Moscow
Attendees of ACI’s 7th Russia and CIS Summit on Anti-Corruption will be provided with enforcement updates as well as the most up-to-date information on how the current economic sanctions environment will impact operations on the ground in Russia.
Date Mar 25 - 26, 2015
Location New York City
The transition from a “first to invent” to a “first to file” patent system under the AIA has led to a metamorphosis in patent prosecution and litigation strategies which in great part has been fueled by new PTO Procedures and patent trials. ACI’s inaugural conference on Post-Grant PTO Proceedings will offer practical strategies for PGR, IPR and CBM Review.
Date Mar 26 - 27, 2015
Location Chicago
ACI's 9th National Forum on Balancing Innovation with Consumer Protections in EMERGING PAYMENT SYSTEMS will bring together an unparalleled faculty of in-house counsel and compliance professionals, senior executives from industry-leading companies, high-level regulatory and enforcement officials, and top outside counsel specializing in emerging payment systems who will provide you with the insights and tools necessary to navigate the legal, compliance, technical, and business hurdles arising from new payment products and technologies.
Date Mar 31, 2015
Location New York
American Conference Institute presents its 2nd Summit on FCPA, AML & OFAC Risks for Private Equity and Hedge Funds on March 31, 2015. Unlike other events, this practical summit is developed exclusively for the alternative investment community. Benchmark best practices with leading hedge funds and private equity firms on how to strengthen your compliance program.
Date Apr 13 - 14, 2015
Location Los Angeles
ACI's 22nd National Conference on Consumer Finance Class Actions & Litigation in Los Angeles on April 13-14, 2015 features expert defense strategies for in-house and outside counsel on navigating class actions, litigation, and government enforcement actions in the consumer finance industry.
Date Apr 28 - 29, 2015
Location Washington, DC
The 8th Annual Advanced Forum on Economic Sanctions Enforcement and Compliance is widely regarded as the flagship event for senior executives and practitioners, who work in the areas of global sanctions compliance, internal audits and investigations, international trade, banking, insurance, forensic accounting and white collar crime.
Date Apr 30 - May 01, 2015
Location Washington
Join ACI's 17th National Forum on Residential Mortgage Litigation & Regulatory Enforcement in Washington, DC on April 30 - May 1, 2015 with expert strategies for in-house and outside counsel on navigating litigation hurdles and preparing for new and emerging government enforcement initiatives.
Date May 28 - 29, 2015
Location San Francisco
American Conference Institute’s 12th National Forum on Prepaid Card Compliance will bring together an unparalleled faculty of regulatory and enforcement officials, compliance experts from industry leaders, and outside counsel specializing in prepaid card regulatory compliance who will provide you with best practices and targeted guidance in these most uncertain times for the industry.
Date Jun 15 - 16, 2015
Location New York
Hear professional development strategies which will empower women in this space and increase the prominence of women in leadership roles. In addition to discussing some of the broader issues facing women in the law across the board (salary negotiations to combat the pay gap, work-life balance, finding a voice and a seat at the table in a primarily male environment), there will be specific sessions addressing some of the hottest cases facing the financial and banking industry at large. Network with and hear success stories and tips from industry leaders (general counsel, chief compliance officers etc) and judges who have faced the same challenges in the workforce.
Date Jun 18, 2015
Location Chicago
American Conference Institute will present the 3rd FCPA for Auditors and Accountants full day workshop on June 15, 2015 at the Fairmont in Chicago. Featuring an expert speaker faculty led by practitioners in the field and senior legal counsel, this course is designed especially for audit and accounting professionals. This one-of-a-kind event will provide comprehensive, insightful and practical guidance on critical FCPA compliance issues from the audit and accounting perspectives. Be sure to send your internal audit and accounting team members!
Date Jun 25 - 26, 2015
Location Dallas
The government crackdown on mortgage servicing operations is increasing the pressure with regard to processes, paperwork, and communications with borrowers. In response, American Conference Institute’s 4th Bank & Non-Bank Forum on MORTGAGE SERVICING COMPLIANCE on June 25-26, 2015 in Dallas, TX will keep you one step ahead of the new regulatory scrutiny. In addition to unparalleled networking opportunities, this conference will provide attendees with the latest insights and expert advice from our exceptional faculty.
Date Sep 23 - 24, 2015
Location San Francisco
This highly intensive American Conference Institute's 9th West Coast FCPA Boot Camp will equip you with the tools necessary to mitigate FCPA violations, develop a strong compliance program, and monitor the conduct of your third parties. The US DoJ and SEC are using all of their available means for prosecuting the FCPA – stay up to speed on the latest developments to minimize your risk and exposure.

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