American Conference Institute\'s 8th National Forum on

Prepaid Card Compliance

Thursday, October 03 to Friday, October 04, 2013
The Omni San Francisco Hotel, San Francisco, CA

American Conference Institute's
8th National Forum on

Essential Legal and Practical Strategies for Structuring Products, 
Mitigating Risks, and Ensuring Compliance

The prepaid card industry continues to be faced with a rapidly moving legal landscape. It is experiencing unprecedented legal and regulatory challenges at the federal level:

  • The Federal Reserve Board’s FAQ released on March 13, 2013 sets guidelines for PIN and activation at point of sale. The focus shifts to network exclusivity and allowing both PIN and signature functionality. Program managers and merchants are directly impacted.

  • Reg II’s exemption on interchange fees for prepaid cards

  • Reg E’s inconsistencies with Maine and Tennessee’s escheat laws raises new issues regarding federal and state preemption

Furthermore, at the State level, the continued evolution of money transmitter statutes requires that market participants keep pace or risk noncompliance and escheat laws threaten the way prepaid cards are sold. American Conference Institute’s 8th National Forum on Prepaid Card Compliance will bring together an unparalleled faculty of regulatory and enforcement officials, compliance experts from industry leaders, and outside counsel specializing in prepaid card regulatory compliance who will provide you with best practices and targeted guidance in these most uncertain times for the industry.

This event has become the nation’s premier, must-attend forum focused solely on the industry’s legal, regulatory, and compliance concerns. You will not want to miss this unparalleled opportunity to find out how others are approaching the challenges facing the prepaid card industry while networking with the industry’s leaders.

PLUS, add value to your attendance by also registering for the Interactive Master Classes:

A. Prepaid Compliance 101: The Nuts and Bolts of Prepaid Compliance for New Entrants to the Market

B. Emerging Payment Systems: Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Considerations for New Technologies and Evolving Products

C. Simultaneously Complying with the Patchwork of State Laws that Regulate Prepaid Cards

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